The Correct Dosage for the Treatment of Xanax

Alprazolam is a trademark of Xanax. Doctors prescribe this effective but potent drug if the patient suffers from anxiety, panic disorders and insomnia. Xanax dosage is individual for each person in each case, depending on the age of the patient, state of health, whether the person is taking any other medicines and many other factors. After evaluating all the factors that the doctor chooses the optimal dose for the patient. He determines how many times a day you should take pills. So that you can get the medicine at the pharmacy, the doctor must write a prescription.

Xanax Dosage

Xanax Normal Dose: Which?

If you do not follow the dosage of Xanax prescribed by your doctor, then Alprazolam can be addictive. Moreover, you should not increase the course of treatment yourself (the best option is 2-4 weeks, but each case is individual). Therefore, self-medication should be avoided and a doctor should be consulted.

Most doctors recommend that men and women with anxiety disorders start with a dose of Xanax 0.25 or Xanax 0.5 mg three times a day. But these are general recommendations, maybe the doctor will prescribe it for you differently. It will depend on your well-being. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking other medications. Some medicines combined with Xanax can cause very negative side effects.

The dose increase with the approval of a doctor should be gradual over several days. In no case should you increase the dose of Xanax sharply and independently.

Changing dosage as prescribed by your doctor

xanax dosage

As already mentioned, as a rule, doctors prescribe Xanax with the lowest possible dose. This is important because your body needs to get used to the new drug. The maximum dose of Xanax for adults per day varies from 4 mg to 10 mg!

The dose increase with the approval of a doctor should be gradual over several days. In no case should you increase the dose of Xanax sharply and independently. This rule also applies to dose reduction. Therefore, if the doctor recommends reducing the dosage or frequency of taking pills, since your health improves, panic attacks or insomnia do not torment you so often, then do it slowly. If you suddenly stop taking the medicine, you can cause withdrawal symptoms.

The action of Xanax on the body begins a few hours or days after the start of taking (it all depends on the dosage). The effect of Xanax lasts several hours (an average of 5 hours).

Keeping a dosage diary is a great idea!

Many patients fear addiction from Xanax. Moreover, in a stressful situation, a person may not remember whether he took the drug for lunch or not. And increasing the dose can be harmful to your health. That is why doctors recommend keeping a dosage diary. Today, thanks to your smartphone, you can buy Xanax online, as well as create a document where you will note how many times you took the pill and when.

You can keep a diary like this:

  1. February 25, 2019.
  2. 2 hours.
  3. Current dose: 2 mg.
  4. Dose reduction: 0.2 mg.
  5. Total dose reduction: 1.88 mg.

You will need to take a note after each reception. If you feel any side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and serious changes in your mood, then write them down to tell your doctor.

Dosage in special cases. Xanax dosage by age

Xanax is contraindicated in persons under 18 years of age.

In elderly patients, patients with advanced liver disease, or patients with debilitating disease, the usual starting dose is 0.25 mg, taken 2 or 3 times a day. If the doctor gives a recommendation, then it can be increased, but gradually.

In other cases, the dose depends on the factors listed above.

The optimal dose of Xanax in panic attacks

The initial phase of treatment for patients suffering from panic attacks begins with a minimum dosage. If a person’s reaction to Xanax treatment is positive, then the dose will gradually increase.

Immediate-release tablets: A dose of 4 mg or more per day may be required to successfully treat many patients with panic disorder. Treatment can be started with a dose of 0.5 mg, taking tablets three times a day. If there are no side effects, then the doctor may recommend to continue increase the dose.

Elderly patients, both with anxiety attacks and with panic disorders, are usually prescribed the same dose – 0.25 mg, orally 2-3 times a day. Typically, in both cases, titration is necessary to achieve the correct dosage of Alprazolam.

What is the lethal dose of Xanax

The lethal dosage of Xanax depends on the number of tablets taken and the effect of other drugs. The use of Xanax and alcohol can lead to death (moreover, respiratory arrest and death can occur even if you drink alcohol several days after the end of taking Xanax. This is due to the fact that not all active substances Alprazolam left the body).

Doses that can lead to an overdose depend on the individual. But as a rule, a lethal dose is considered to be more than 10 mg per day, especially in combination with other drugs.

If you think you have taken too much Xanax (Alprazolam), contact your emergency doctor immediately. Overdose symptoms include maladaptation, confusion, drowsiness, slow reaction time and coma.