Xanax and Tremor

Senile Tremor and Xanax: Is Effective Treatment Possible?

A pathology known as limb tremor or trembling develops at any age. An unpleasant phenomenon can be detected in infants, young people. Often it is diagnosed in elderly patients. In medicine, tremor is often not considered as a separate disease, and is classified as a symptom of other pathological conditions.

The trembling of the limbs is provoked by the rhythmic, uncontrolled movements of individual muscles caused by their contraction. This violation is able to affect one or both hands, spread to other areas of the body:

  • head;
  • eyelids;
  • tongue;
  • lips;
  • torso;
  • lower limbs;
  • jaw.

If tremor develops in the legs, arms, etc., the patient shows the appearance of oscillatory movements with a frequency of up to 10 repetitions per second. The amplitude is determined by the causes and degree of damage to the nervous system.

Shivering can develop in any state – during physical activity or at rest. Most often, it is amplified against the background of strong emotions, increased stress.

Medical statistics say – hand tremors are being detected more and more often, and are included in the list of the most common disorders of the motor function of the human body.

Causes of Trembling

Body tremors are often associated with the following processes:

  • Dysfunction of the areas of the brain responsible for muscle work.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Craniocerebral injuries.

Muscle tremors often accompany neurodegenerative diseases. Often, the development of a disorder is caused by causes in the form of Parkinson’s disease.

The cause of trembling of the tongue is neurasthenic syndrome, pustular or tumor-like formations in the cerebellum, multiple sclerosis. Such a phenomenon may indicate thyrotoxicosis (hyperfunction of the thyroid gland), side effects of drugs used for increased anxiety and other psychological problems.

Body tremor at rest is provoked by immoderate emotional stress, alcohol abuse, and drug withdrawal. Often this condition is exacerbated by overwork, severe excitement.

Among the causes of chills and tremors in the limbs, experts call kidney and liver failure, mercury poisoning, sodium valproate, hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).

Treatment of Senile Tremor With Xanax

Xanax and Tremor

Unfortunately, it is worth recognizing that today there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. So tremor is 100% impossible to cure. But modern medications can improve the lives of sick people: reduce trembling and regain self-confidence. This is very important, because people with Parkinson’s disease radically change their lifestyle, often withdraw into themselves, stop communicating with relatives and friends. And this is a direct path to depression. To save patients from this condition, doctors prescribe Xanax. Alprazolam is one of the best drugs in the world for the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. It treats senile tremor because it has a significant effect on the brain.

Xanax gently affects the body (especially in small doses), helps a person to relax, feel freedom from this disease, relieve stress. Xanax significantly improves the lives of people suffering from senile tremor, due to the fact that the attacks are reduced, trembling is less worrying, the emotional state and the mood are improving. If you or someone from your family is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, consult your healthcare provider for advice. With a high degree of probability, he will prescribe you Xanax, which is not a problem to buy online. And after a course of treatment, your life will improve significantly.