Xanax and Pregnancy

Xanax And Pregnancy: How Does The Drug Affect The Body?

Xanax (Alprazolam) is dangerous not only for a pregnant woman because of possible side effects, but also for an unborn baby. Xanax and pregnancy are incompatible! Before you start taking Xanax during pregnancy and even during pregnancy planning, be sure to consult your doctor! In addition, lethargy, delayed reaction and drowsiness are just some of the side effects of taking the drug.

If the expectant mother takes Xanax with the permission of the doctor, then she is better off refusing to drive a car, from solving complex problems on which the lives of other people depend. Probably the best option would be to take a vacation during treatment.

Xanax can also cause all of the following side effects:

  • weakness or fatigue;
  • nausea;
  • weight loss or weight gain;
  • irritability;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • problems with appetite;
  • constipation and difficulty urinating;
  • joint pain.

How Does Xanax Abuse Affect Pregnancy?

We repeat once again that Xanax can be used during pregnancy and lactation only in exceptional cases and only with the permission of the attending physician! If the drug is used in the first trimester of pregnancy, then it has a toxic effect on the fetus. In addition, the probability of developing birth defects increases several times. The use of Xanax in mid-pregnancy and in later stages can lead to depression of the central nervous system of the newborn. Children are especially sensitive to the inhibitory effect of benzodiazepines in the central nervous system.

Physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms in newborns can develop in those cases if the expectant mother constantly took Xanax during pregnancy. If you take the drug directly during childbirth or shortly before them, the list of possible diseases for the baby will increase and will include:

  • respiratory failure in the newborn;
  • decreased muscle tone;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • drop in body temperature;
  • naughty baby syndrome.

Doctors unanimously believe that taking Xanax during pregnancy is possible only if the expected benefit will be more than the likely harm. But if there are options for refusing treatment with Xanax during this period, then it is better to do just that. If you need a course of treatment with Xanax during lactation, then breastfeeding is also better to refuse.

ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting treatment of Xanax especially during pregnancy!

Is It Possible To Do Without Xanax During Pregnancy?

Refusing to take Xanax during pregnancy is an ideal version. But it will be difficult to do if you are already taking this drug. As you know, you can not abruptly interrupt the course of treatment. If you find out about pregnancy during the course of treatment, then ask yourself: “Can I use Xanax further?”. The answer must be negative and you must clearly understand this. You need to immediately consult a doctor who will provide you with competent medical care and will correct further treatment. You must do everything to cope with drug dependence for the sake of having a healthy baby! And your doctor will provide you with comprehensive support.