1. Agreement
When you start to use the website, it means that you accept the agreement including confidentiality policy and cookies. If disagree with the terms and conditions, you can refuse from visiting the website. Continuing use of the sites is considered as consent.

2. Terms and conditions can change
The terms indicated in the website can periodically change. We will tell you about this modification in the main page of the website. However, we don’t take responsibility if you don’t know about the change.

3. Validity
We won’t request any personal data of the people underage people. If you fall within this category, you must create an account on the website. We will publish the content considering sexually transmitted infections, which is unacceptable for this age group.

4. Creating an account
You don’t have to create any account on our website. People can start using the information that is downloaded by the specialists in the website. But to gain access to certain details, you must create your own account. Don’t forget to keep your password safe.

5. Posting the data
All users can post the data on our website. In the review column, you can publish your feedback unless it is not insulting, unlawful of offending.

6. Property rights
This website provides all the users with an access to the data provided. However, it is not intended for the personal use. The same applies to the pictures, charts, articles and other similar things on the site. Infringement of this right must not be made, because we have copyrights for every aspect found on the website.

7. Overall information site
Our users must understand that this is just an information website that contains data about the health conditions, suitable medications, pharmaceutical methods and services. You don’t have to self-medicate after reading the articles available on our website.

We don’t advice you any treatment or method, and this can’t replace the doctor’s advice. If you find any resemblance to the symptoms indicated on our website, then you should think about visiting the doctor.

8. Disclaimer
We don’t take responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided on our website. Even though we have safe networks, we can’t assure to protect all the information provided by the users. We don’t sell the data to any external parties. However, if the court asks us to provide certain data then we must submit to it.

You can’t question us if you took the drug after reading the website regardless of the consequences of your treatment.