Side Effects

Xanax: What Side Effects Can The Drug Cause?

Xanax is prescribed by a doctor. According to some reports, Xanax is the #1 drug for the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. Many people use it without harm to health. But you must clearly follow the instructions and all the recommendations that the doctor gave. In no case should you abuse Xanax pills, […]

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorders and Effective Treatment With Xanax

Often, anxiety disorders are caused by the insane pace of life, because people have absolutely no time to relax. Stress, anxiety, excitement, sleep disturbance – such diagnoses are often found in citizens of large cities. Many people try to cope them with on their own, but if the disease progresses, anxiety intensifies, you need to […]

Xanax XR

What Is The Difference Between Xanax and Xanax XR?

Xanax XR is a potent benzodiazepine-based drug. Like Xanax, it belongs to the Alprazolam brand. The FDA has included Xanax XR in its list of legal medications for treating panic disorder. This drug has a stronger effect on the body than Xanax, which the FDA has approved for the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, sleep […]

Somatic Disorder

Somatic Disorders: How To Cope With The Help of Xanax?

Somatic disorders are a group of psychogenic diseases based on physical symptoms resembling somatic (bodily) disease, but no specific disorders of organs and systems can be detected. Simply put, this is the bodily living of psychological problems. According to statistics, 6.3% of the World’s population suffers from somatic diseases. And in recent years, patients with […]

Xanax and herbs

Natural Anti-Anxiety Medications Combined With Xanax For Effective Treatment

Experts believe that an effective approach to the treatment of anxiety and stress is to use an integrated approach. Treatment only with natural remedies or only with medicines will give a short-term effect. Antidepressants effectively fight depression at an early stage, but they can not be taken for a very long time. A treatment with […]

state of nervousness


Unfortunately, everybody knows the state of nervousness. We constantly think about our problems, and in most cases these thoughts are negative. People usually go crazy, coming to the false conclusions and can’t calm down. In some cases, agitation is a normal condition. Some patients hardly even notice it, the others feel inconvenient, but don’t understand […]

Xanax and Tremor

Senile Tremor and Xanax: Is Effective Treatment Possible?

A pathology known as limb tremor or trembling develops at any age. An unpleasant phenomenon can be detected in infants, young people. Often it is diagnosed in elderly patients. In medicine, tremor is often not considered as a separate disease, and is classified as a symptom of other pathological conditions. The trembling of the limbs […]

panic disorders

Panic Disorders: Symptoms and Treatment With Xanax

Panic disorder is a mental disorder characterized by the spontaneous occurrence of panic attacks from several times a year to several times a day and the expectation of their occurrence. A characteristic feature of the disorder is recurrent bouts of pronounced anxiety (panic), which are not limited to a specific situation or circumstances and, therefore, […]

Xanax and Pregnancy

Xanax And Pregnancy: How Does The Drug Affect The Body?

Xanax (Alprazolam) is dangerous not only for a pregnant woman because of possible side effects, but also for an unborn baby. Xanax and pregnancy are incompatible! Before you start taking Xanax during pregnancy and even during pregnancy planning, be sure to consult your doctor! In addition, lethargy, delayed reaction and drowsiness are just some of […]

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorder: How to Get Rid of a Problem Using Xanax

Healthy sleep is the key to health and good mood! But sleep disorder can lead to serious health problems. And the main reason for this is stress. During depression or constant stress, the body is depleted. It causes problems with sleep – its violation or even insomnia. The brain does not have time to rest […]